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Following are the link of visual treat of Summit 3.0

Summit 3.0 First

Summit 3.0 Second

Summit 3.0 Third

Summit 3.0 Fourth

Summit 3.0 Fifth

Summit 3.0 Sixth

Making of Summit 3.0

View our video of making of Summit 3.0 on You Tube

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28 Dec 2018 for 220 KM Race

29 Dec 2018 for all other Races

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SCHM'18 Important!

Dear Runners ,

Due to unavoidable logistic issues , we are shifting the 5km run from 21st October to 25th November along with the 21km and 10 km races.

  • Those who have registered for only 21st october can continue on 25th November.
  • Those who have done a combo registration have an option of cancelling either one or both registration
  • For those who have paid online but 25th November is unsuitable will get a refund
  • All those who want to cancel modify their registrations , please write an email to us at
  • 10 and 21 km registrations will proceed as usual for 25th November.

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